Word: bureaucracy



administrative hierarchy, often inefficient

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  1. Maybe tum ghom or even tum ghom'a'.  For slang, perhaps tum qutluch patlh if the vying for power aspect is to be emphasized. Try tum woQ qum for a government characterized by rule by (or at least undue influence of) a bureaucracy. Can't help but think others could come up with more possibilities…

    1. tum ghom('a') is just a an 'agency group', either a group within an agency or a group of agencies; too vague for the target concept.

      tum woQ qum could describe a decentralized, defederalized, or otherwise devolved government without unity of action, but leaves the focus on the level of the organ of government rather than individual bureaucrats and their social world.

      tum qutluch patlh comes closest of these, but the dimensions of both inter- and intra-agency social complexity (and the resulting petty inefficiency) are absent. These are the focus of my request.

      1. Agreed. I actually thought the same myself, regarding specificity, only after posting. I don't think your request can be expressed atomistically without being wordy, after all. Suggestions withdrawn.


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