Word: be wise



like someone who would make a good adviser, the opposite of foolish

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  1. I agree that val be intelligent is insufficient to describe this concept. It is not the breadth of someone's knowledge that makes them wise, but the profundity or aptness of it. So you could say:

    vItlh SovDaj his knowledge is great (in intensity)
    mIt SovDaj her knowledge is apt/fit

    1. Yes, those could apply to a wise adviser, or maybe SIj be insightful/clever (slang) or meqqu' reason well.

      But for something more poetic, like "we gain wisdom through suffering," I'd like a new word. We have so many ways to describe fools and foolishness, it seems right to have a word for "wise" too.

  2. I tend to vote in favor of concepts that are important to Klingon culture, even if it's possible to express tjem with a circumlocution of words we already have.

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