Word: be neither warm nor cool (temperature)



tepid? That may not be the best word since it is often used to mean slightly warm.

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  1. I didn't suggest either of them, but I have to say it blows my mind that there's such an imbalance in the voting pattern between this and "be cool".

    1. Whatever the formal dictionary definition may be of 'tepid', I am mostly in favor of having a word designating a 'neutral' range of temperature: something a speaker would judge as neither being warm nor cool. It would be exotic from an English-speaker's perspective, and would be more concise than bIrbe' 'ej ghunbe' 'ej tujbe'.

    1. Sometimes, but not really. When differentiated, tepid is cooler than warm, but still warmer than cool. I would describe it as water that feels like it doesn't have a temperature (so I guess skin temperature, which is pretty warm compared to many things). As I said in the proposal, perhaps "tepid" isn't the best definition, since I really mean, "neither warm nor cool". Let me see if I can change the proposal.

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