Word: be surprised


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a state of a person who has a reaction to an unexpected situation; can be negative or positive. Surely not as strong as being shocked. More like "She looked surprised to hear that he was a Vulcan", "I am very surprised to meet you here", "She will be surprised to find the chocolate in her bag"

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  1. Use {mer} 'surprise', but treat the relevant noun as the object:

    {vulqangan ghaH 'e' ghojDI', merlaw' ngoDvam}
    "When she learned that he was a Vulcan, this fact surprised her."

    {mumer ghu', naDev qaghommo'}
    "The situation surprises me, because I meet you here."

    {ghaH mer buqDajDaq yuch tu'bogh}
    "The chocolate she found in her bag surprised her."