Word: be lonely



the emotion, not the actual state of being alone eg The lonely man wandered the city streets at night

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  1. I would prefer to just say 'IQ and then describe the specifics:

    He is sad because everyone refuses to speak to him.
    'IQ ghaHvaD jatlhQo'mo' Hoch.

    They are sad because they cannot find mates.
    'IQ, parmaqqaypu' SamlaHbe'mo' chaH.

    She is sad because all her battle-companions are dead.
    'IQ Heghpu'mo' Hoch may' qochpu'Daj.

    1. I may not want to say why they are lonely at that time. Maybe I don't know. Maybe I want the listener/reader to find out later. I just want the ability to say they are experiencing the emotion we call "loneliness".

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