Word: ash, ashes



Powdery alkaline remnants of a fire. "His house burned to the ground; only ashes are left." "Ashes mixed with water can be used to preserve some foods."

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  1. Those who've downvoted, may I ask why? I think this is a particularly challenging thing to express in Klingon using known lexicon (qul pugh or qul chuv would refer to both ashes and charcoal, Sor Hap meQ would also be understood first as charcoal, and the substance itself is hard to describe too; note also others' requests here for dust and powder). Yet on Earth, "ash, ashes" is considered to be so cross-culturally ubiquitous a term – as ubiquitous as fire itself – that linguists use it as part of both the Swadesh and the Leipzig-Jakarta lists for basic vocabulary. If anyone's got better ideas on how to express this with Klingon vocabulary we already have, please feel free to weigh in.

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