Word: angel



a spiritual being presumably residing inSuto'vo'qor

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  1. I can think of good reasons for and against such a suggestion. On one hand, it would be nice to have names for more Klingon mythological beings than just Fek'lhr and Kos'karii, and it would make Bible translation much easier. On the other hand, angels as *we* know them are thoroughly Abrahamic, the contributions of Classical artistry to their iconography notwithstanding. Other religious systems don't really have angels per se, so Klingons may not have a native equivalent. But I'll probably vote for it and see what happens. This would be a very interesting case. If paganism and Christianity can be syncretized in art, who knows?

    In the past I have personally used {Qun QumpIn (qa')} "God's communications officer (spirit)", to a decidedly mixed reception.

  2. I tend to agree with Andrew here. It's so broad a concept and so culturally bound. Are we talking the concept of little protective spirits for new age bumper stickers, the ones with flaming swords, the ones that announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds, or the ones that people envision their deceased loved ones becoming? Matt's Qun boQ is a good place to start, then QanwI', QumwI', SuvwI, noDwI', as appropriate.