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Word: be cool (temperature)



We have cold, hot, and warm – is there also a "cool"?

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5 thoughts on “be cool (temperature)

    • Edward Bailey says:

      quSDaq bIba’. ‘ach jatlhlu’be’ <SuSHom loQ bIr>, vaj ghu’mey bID DabuSHa’. quSDaq jIba”a’ je?

      • Edward Bailey says:

        SKI: Andrew Miller’s suggestion is only partly helpful, since you can’t say “cool breeze” that way.  *SuSHom loQ bIr violates grammar for placement of adverbials.

    • Edward Bailey says:

      Perhaps bIrqu’be’ “not very cold.” But presumably tujqu’be’ “not very hot” and ghun “warm” aren’t used the same way,  probably connoting different expectations, so if there’s a word for “cool,” I wouldn’t expect it to be used the same way as “not very cold.”

      Or perhaps ghunbe’. If my food got cold, I’d call it Soj ghunbe’. But that’s room temperature, which isn’t necessarily cool.

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