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Word: Amplitude



The magnitude of a wave.

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2 thoughts on “Amplitude

  1. Rhona Fenwick says:

    Dimensions don’t seem to be things Klingons talk about very much as abstract nouns; they’re more concerned with the measurements themselves. “Height”, “width”, “depth”, “area”, “volume”, and all sorts of other simpler measurements are unattested as nouns, and the only one I can think of is ‘Iv “altitude”. Perhaps a measurement verb would be better for this sense: “have an amplitude of”.

    In the meantime, maybe ‘ab “have a height of” and/or Saw’ “have a depth of” could be useful.

    • Jeffrey Clark says:

      It was based on {chaDvay’}. Frequency, phase, and maplitude are the basic parts of a wave, and I was just hoping to get phase and amplitude put in to complete the set.

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