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Word: already



Is wejHa' a good way to say it? Can it only be implied by use of the perfective suffixes? Is there another more specific adverb?

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4 thoughts on “already

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    I definitely understand wejHa’ as meaning already, and think there’s enough overlap between it and the perfective to make a separate adverb unnecessary.

  2. qa'HoS says:

    Andrew Miller  How wou!d you interpret tagha’Ha’? I tend to use it to mean right from the start or at first. Any thoughts?

    • qa'HoS says:

      I know boQwI’ has it as earlier than expected. So my main thought is if you folk think right from the start, in context, could work too.

      • Andrew Miller says:

        Absent usage data, I would interpret it as before it’s all over. I would not assume it referred to specifically the beginning.

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