Word: kilo-/mill-, mega-/micro etc.


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A way to express bery big or very small numbers, it does not have to be decimal based, or 10^3 based, but as the decimal system is based on DIvI' Hol…

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  1. Effectively this would be covered by a number of the suggestions already put forward (fractions, billion/trillion). A kilo-uj is just wa'SaD 'uj.

    1. I disagree this is covered. It is not the same to say 1 kilometer or 1000 meters. The latter implies higher precision.
      There is one hint of at least some form of "scale" suffixes in the form uj'a' representing a measure of 9 uj. It would be nice to know if there are more of these, and how Klingons deal with the scientific notation.

      For practical matters, it would be nice to be able to use metric systems here on Earth…
      For that matter, how do express speeds? It would require a way to say km/hour, or uj/lup.

      1. 1km = 1000m. It's exactly the same value. To be blunt it's counterproductive to want everything to work the way it does in Earth languages. There's no point in wasting valuable design space on a readily expressible concept.
        I agree that asking how to express powers of ten (or any other number) would be useful and interesting.
        If you want to use the metric system, go ahead. There's nothing wrong with saying 10km 'ab or 3m juch if the context is right. But a Klingon on Kronos would likely not do so.
        Do is velocity, and SubmaH is ratio. If you need to say a velocity of 3 uj per second you might say wej 'uj wa' lup je Do SubmaH velocity ratio of three uj and one second.