Word: cephalopod



The nearest Klingon analogue to a squid, cuttlefish, or octopus. The cephalopod body plan is the only non-tetrapod anatomical arrangement in which intelligence has been observed to develop, and the tentacles of what appears to be a cephalopod of some sort were served as Klingon food in the TNG episode "Genesis".

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    1. Klingon grammar doesn't recognize animals as a noun class, so Gen Noun is actually more accurate.

      1. While you're right, of course, the truth is I simply forgot about the category when I suggested the term. DopDaq qul yIchenmoH QobDI' ghu'.

      2. The Categories listed aren't based on Klingon grammar, they are based on the type of suggestions people want to make.

        I have updated the word to be in the Animal category.

  1. It might be worth mentioning that the pipius has tentacles (c.f. The Art of the Impossible), although it is described as a crustacean (c.f. The Star Trek Cookbook).

    There is also an animal known as a "Klingon shell squid". However, not much is known about it, except that Captain David Gold became sick for ten days after eating one that hadn't been cooked for long enough (c.f. The Art of the Comeback).

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