Word: breast (female anatomy)



The felinoid that Kirk fought on Nimbus III had three breasts. Breast cancer represents an important health issue for Earth women.

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  1. Given the slang meaning of ngech, I suspect that HuD would be understood as slang for this, though since Maltz has revealed a number of other anatomical terms, it'd be nice to get a non-slang word.

  2. I like HuD. Also, maybe chabDu' from the KLI's early days. If Okrand  does give us non-slang for breast, I hope he makes HuD and perhaps chabDu' official slang as well.

    1. Interesting about chabDu'. Do you have a written source? Was it discussed on the mailing list?

  3. It was indeed discussed maybe twenty to twenty-five are ago in an issue of HolQed, I think. Right now I can't give you a direct reference, but I 'll  be looking for it.


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