Word: beaver



A flat-tailed rodent that cuts down trees and builds natural dams to live in, or the Klingon equivalent

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    1. That'd be a mouthful if they had a creature of that sort on their own planet. If there's no castoroid animal on Kronos, then sure, they'd likely use something like *bIQtIq le'mIS lIS'ab* for one of Earth's beavers. But if there is a beaver-like animal, it would probably have a one-word name — and one we could get a great pun out of, like *jermatlher* or *nItSaj*. So for now, I'm voting +1 on this request. Never having seen Star Trek, I don't know if Kronos or another Star Trek planet has anything like a beaver on it; so, to the people who've seen it, have you seen any "space beavers" on Star Trek?

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