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Event Series SeQpIr Ho'wI' yej'an

SeQpIr Ho'wI' yej'an

VC: 1073392009336848435

The Shakespeare Appreciation Society meets weekly to read and discuss Shakespeare’s works (currently, Hamlet) in the original Klingon. During the meetings, we take turns translating…

Event Series jawmeH qep

jawmeH qep

VC: 235856024286789632

qaStaHvIS repvam, tlhIngan Hol laHmeymaj wIqeqmeH maghom. qaStaHvIS qep, bIjeSmeH tlhIngan Hol DajatlhnISchu'be', 'ach bInIDnISbej. ghoghom!. During this hour we meet in order to train…

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