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  • Request for translation check

    Posted by WALTAH on April 18, 2024 at 1:04 pm


    I have a one-minute Klingon Opera that I used an online translator to create the Klingon text. I know those are unreliable and don’t know how to properly translate some things yet. Could someone check the Klingon and send fixes for any of the errors? I haven’t included the whole script, just the lines of dialogue with the online translator Klingon and what I fed into it in English in parentheses to make it more concise. Thank you!

    Kratok: qawlu’ jawbe’ joy’qang ‘e’ vIpIH tlhIngan wo’ pong yIH ‘oy’naQ ‘oy’yaS!

    (No longer will the Klingon Empire be tormented by the Tribble scourge!)

    Kratok: qaw qun DaHjaj!

    (History will remember this day!)

    Kezkhe: legh qun DaHjaj.

    (History will look down upon this day.)

    Kratok: Qapla’!


    Kezkhe: pagh batlh naDev tu’lu’.

    (There is no honor here.)

    Kratok: je tun, puqwI’. Hegh rIntaH yIH!

    (You are too soft, my daughter. Death to the Tribbles!)

    Kezkhe: Qo’ vIyaj!

    (You don’t understand!)

    Kratok: maHvaD muv, puqwI’; jIHvaD quvHa’ SoH!

    (Join us, daughter; you dishonor me!)

    Kezkhe: Hoch tuHmoH maH pong. Qo’.

    (We are all dishonored by this. No.)

    Kratok: vaj qaSjaj.

    (So be it.)

    Kezkhe: SuvwI’ ‘Iv jagh Hoch HoH vup.

    (Pity the warrior who slays all his foes.)

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  • qurgh

    April 18, 2024 at 1:45 pm


    Online Klingon translators produce gibberish. For example, your first line:

    qawlu’ jawbe’ joy’qang ‘e’ vIpIH tlhIngan wo’ pong yIH ‘oy’naQ ‘oy’yaS!

    is pretty much nonsense and means something like:

    One is remembered, he does not chat, he is willing to torture, I expect that, the tribble’s painstick’s painofficer names the Klingon empire

    There’s no way to suggest fixes to fix this. The whole thing would have to be retranslated from scratch. A few of the lines are okay-ish, like the Qapla’ line, but on a whole it’s all bad.


    April 18, 2024 at 6:58 pm

    Ah dang, I knew online translators were going to give me some gibberish, but I had hoped some of this was correct! Would someone be able to translate the English dialogue into the correct Klingon? Much appreciated.

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