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Word: phoneme



What do Klingons call the most basic sound elements of a language?

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2 thoughts on “phoneme

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    Klingon doesn’t exhibit much morphophonemic change, at least on paper. So when talking about Klingon phonemes QIch wab speech sound probably suffices.

    However I do catch myself occasionally assimilating non-retroflex codas to retroflex syllable onsets; I say / ɖaɭ / for Dal instead of / ɖal /, and / ʂoɻ / for Sor instead of / ʂor /.

    This is a noun by the way. It has to do with grammar, but the word ‘phoneme’ itself is a noun.

    • anDu says:

      Technically, it has to do with phonology, but you’re right, this is a (non-fabulant, non-body-part) noun and should be reclassified.

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