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Word: loch


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So we know that wej loch cha’ means “two thirds,” but how do we say, “two thirds of an apple”? What about, “I ate two thirds of an apple”? (My guess would be ’epIl naH wej ’ay’ lochbogh cha’ vISoppu’, but I’m really not sure.)

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4 thoughts on “loch

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    Since most Klingon nouns are both singular and plural, the issue here is how to distinguish “I ate 2/3 of an apple” from “I ate two out of three apples”. I would front wa’ ‘epIl naH one apple as a topic in the former case:

    Speaking of apples, I ate two-thirds. [vague; could mean either 2/3 or 2 out of 3]
    ‘epIl naH’e’ wej lochbogh cha’ vISoppu’.

    On the topic of one apple, I ate two-thirds.
    wa’ ‘epIl naH’e’ wej lochbogh cha’ vISoppu’.

    In many cases it might be more convenient to use percentages to express this idea.

    • SItlha says:

      Maybe next time I’ll refrain from putting a guess in the proposal itself. The point is that we don’t actually know how it works (even the use of -bogh was a guess) and it would be good to find out for sure.

    • SItlha says:

      (Your suggestions seem plausible to me, but I could also imagine something like wej ’epIl naH lochbogh cha’ for “two out of three apples,” and perhaps the word ’ay’ will turn out to play a significant role here.)

      • Andrew Miller says:

        ‘ay’ is glossed as section, part, component, piece, so the ‘ay’mey of an apple might be better thought of as the flesh, skin, stem, seeds etc.

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