qep'a' wa'maH wa'DIch

For our eleventh qep'a', we headed out west, for sunny of Phoenix, AZ. The attendance was somewhat lower than usual, but our spirits were high. Unfortunately, Dr. Okrand was unable to attend, so we had to make do without him. Despite the "dry heat," we actually managed to see a little rain from the Phoenix sky—in August!

Here's the official picture of the happy participants, squinting in the desert sun:


Standing, Left to Right:
David Crowell, Arika Okrent, Daniel Morse, Agnieszka Solska, Tad Stauffer, Captain Krankor, Lawrence Schoen, Eric Andeen, Mark Shoulson, Jeremy Cowan
Kneeling and Sitting, Left to Right:
Corey Anderson, Alan Anderson, Scott Willis, Louise Whitty, Nancy Nielsen-Brown