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qep’a’ chorghDIch

qep’a’ chorghDIch

The qep'a' chorghDIch broke with tradition, being the first qep'a' ever held outside of the United States. We met in Brussels, Belgium for several days of revels and conversation in August 2001, with arrangements expertly handled by Lieven Litaer for one of the most successful and enjoyable qep'a'mey so far. On hand were quite a few new faces, as some European Klingonists (normally unable to make the long trip to America) got to attend for the first time. The cross-linguistic discussions were truly enlightening, and we got to hear Klingon spoken with all sorts of accents. Once more, we were favored by the presence of Dr. Marc Okrand, inventor of the Klingon language.

Back Row, Left to Right:
Gary Cowell, Kris Åsard, Björn Öqvist, Eric Andeen, Yens Wahlgren, Volker Tanger, Alan Anderson
Middle Row, Left to Right:
Tad Stauffer, Sabine Heidenreich, Astrid Jekat, Ralf Gebhart, Will Martin, Lieven Litaer, Captain Krankor
Front Row, Left to Right:
Katrin Siewert, Vera Groth (and Moritz), Lawrence Schoen, Marc Okrand, Mark Shoulson, d’Armond Speers, Agnieszka Solska

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