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Words for Dr. Okrand! – mu’ chu’ chabal tetlh

This page contains all the words on the current Wish list for 2018. If you see a word on a list that we already have, or see a word in the “Leftovers” which could be moved to a main category, please contact the KLI, or speak to qurgh on the KLI Discord.

urethra n
breast n
semen n
inguinal canals n
chest (the upper front of the torso) n
skull n
pelvis n
vertebra n
eyelid n
orifice n
penis n
scrotum n
foreskin/clittoral hood n
labia n
vulva n
clitoris n
hymen n
vagina n
perineum n
thigh n
calf (muscle) n
shin n
jaw (upper and lower) n
knuckle n
bruise n & v
organ (general body part word) n
spleen n
be intersex v
ejaculate v
experience an orgasm v
be blind, be colorblind v
Albino n
be numb (of body parts, of emotions) v
wound, ulcer, sore n
sex/gender (potentially differentiated) n
bare knuckle n
pit of the stomach n
elbow-strike n, v
knee-strike n, v
hit with palm n, v
other moQbara’ moves n, v

scratch v
slap v
pinch v
kiss n & v
Klingon arm grip/handshake (n or v)
crush (a romantic interest more than jup but less than bang) n
woo (what you do when you have a crush) v
break up (of a relationship) v
play hooky v
descendant n
hug/embrace v & n
coddle v
“miss” as in long for, pine after v
bribe n, v
the effect a previous romance had on your life n
spouse, sibling, parent (specifically gender-neutral terms) n
love v
gang n
filibuster v
badger, spam, harass v
social media n
shun/give the silent treatment to v
be sadistic v
sadism, schadenfreude n
punch n, v
be on the fence, be undecided v
grief n
grieve, mourn v
lesbian n
gay person n
bisexual person n
be lesbian v
be gay v
be bisexual v
perspective, point of view n
subordinate person n
assimilate v
trick, prank n, v
stereotype n, v
be in common or shared (common ancestry, common enemy) v
be related (familially, evolutionarily) v

quantum n
entropy n
be continuous (math) v
be discrete (math) v
mass (as opposed to weight) n
biology n
nucleotide n
gene n
chromosome n
genome n
protein (in the biological sense) n
amino acid n
sequence (e.g. a DNA sequence) n
evolution (biological) n
health (as in the “National Institute of”) n
medicine (the field of study, not medication) n
fraction n
be negative (of numbers) v
be neutral or uncharged v
be dense vs. be viscous (differentiation) v
friction n
be normally distributed (Gaussian) v
be random v
name/letter for Pi n
ten million (number forming element)
billion (num.)
trillion (number forming element)
be aerodynamic v
to encounter drag, friction, air resistance, etc. v
vacuum n
be repeated, be serial, be consecutive v
exponent n, be exponential v
artificial intelligence n
be artificially intelligent v

rubber n
sodium n
magnesium n
aluminum n
silicon n
phosphorus n
chlorine n
potassium n
calcium n
titanium n
nickel n
zinc n
arsenic n
iodine n
platinum n
mercury n
plaster n, v
acrylic paint n
gouache paint n
oil paint n
oil n
charcoal, ashes n
glue n, v
dust, powder n

decade n
zoom, magnify/de-magnify v
degree (temperature), K.P.H. in the Klingon way
cup, liter (or similar) n
something bigger and smaller than a {tlho’ren} n
measurement smaller than an {‘uj} n
“ruler”, “measuring tape”, “measuring cup” n
generation, iteration n
quantity, amount (num.)

be spicy v
watermelon n
be umami v
Klingon spices and seasonings n
be bitter (not sour) v
saltpetre n

be carnivorous v
be herbivorous v
be omnivorous v
mammal, mammal-like creature n
be oviparous v
be viviparous v
fox, fox-like creature n
dog-like or wolf-like creature n
grint hound n
Klingon monster dog (lizard-dog species, i.e. Kruge’s pet in Star Trek III) n
spider (or arachnid-like-animal) n
shrimp – n
unicorn n
fairy/pixie/sprite n
mermaid n
Klingon Menehune or Leprechaun-type creature n
termite n

Democratic Republic of the Congo n
Vietnam n
Mongolia n
Scotland n
Wales n
Bhutan n
Mexico n
Honduras n
Cambodia n
Thailand n
Algeria n
Hawaiʻi n
England n
Paris n
San Francisco n
London n
French Lick n
New Delhi n
Yaoundé n
Rio n
West Baden Springs n
Beijing n
Kinshasa n
Chicago n
Los Angeles n
Oslo n
Moscow n
Berlin n
Quebec n
Ottawa n
Toronto n
Indianapolis n
canon names for US states and Canadian provinces
Thailand n
Vietnam n
Taiwan n
Singapore n

syntax n
argument (e.g. the subject or object of a verb) n
subject (of a sentence) n
object (of a verb) : direct object + indirect object n
be transitive v
be monotransitive v
be ditransitive v
be intransitive v
be stative v
be active v
be ambitransitive v
preposition n
(grammatical) case n
be nominative (case) v
be accusative (case) v
be dative (case) v
be ablative (case) v
be genitive (case) v
be vocative (case) v
be locative (case) v
be lative (case) v
be instrumental (case) v
declension n
conjugation n
tense n
aspect n
etymology n
morpheme, word root n
phonology n
tone (e.g. in tonal languages) n
phoneme n
vowel (front vowel, central vowel, back vowel) n
consonant n
syllable n
to articulate v
articulation (of words) n
phonetic transcription n
allophone n

larynx, be laryngeal n, v
glottis, be glottal n, v
pharynx, be pharyngeal n, v
uvula, be uvular n, v
nasal cavity, be nasal (of sounds) n, v
velum, be velar n, v
be dorsal v
be palatal (of sounds) v
alveolar ridge, be alveolar (of sounds) n, v
upper teeth, be dental (of sounds) n, v
lower teeth, be dentolabial n, v
be labial (of sounds) v
be bilabial (of sounds) v
be lingual (of sounds) v
tongue blade, be laminal n, v
tongue tip, be apical n, v
oral stop n
fricative n
nasal stop n
trill v
glide v
be retroflex (consonant) v
be voiceless / unvoiced (consonant) v
be voiced (consonant) v
(word) root n
diphthong n
conlang n
conlanger n
linguistic n
natural language n
artificial language n
fictional language n
artlang (artistic language) n
auxlang (auxiliary language) n
engelang (engineered language) n
a priori language n
a posteriori language n
be plural v
expression, idiom, manner of speaking n

be holy, be sacred v
bless v
priest n
worship v
anoint v
turban n
philosophy n

baseball n
American football/rugby n
soccer n
tennis n
hockey n
curling (sport) n
net (used in sports) n
baseball bat n
puck n
pads n
racket (instrument) n
goal posts n
out-of-bound area, be out-of-bounds n, v
in-bounds area, be in-bounds n, v
stadium n
basketball n
catch (something that is falling or in flight) v

exam n
competitive exam n
candidate (at an exam) n
dissertation n
commentary (as in doing a commentary on a literary text) n
college/different levels of schooling n

cloth, textile, etc. n
loom (clothes-making device) n
lace n
weaving vs knitting vs crocheting vs lacing vs net-making (differentiation)
bobbin, heddle, shed (the weaving term)
tapestry or decorative cloth hanging n
quilt n
batting (fiber stuffing) n
sew v
sewing needle n
hem n + v
collage and applique n
needlework or embroidery n
beadwork n
embroidery hoop n
fashion/style (clothing) n
a single solitary “sock” n
underwear n
model (the profession) n
jewelry n

float [in water/space] v
sink/submerge [in/on water] v
be adrift [in water/space] v
tide n
port [seaport/airport/spaceport] n
inlet / harbour n
sand n
oar n
mast, flagpole n
current, eddy n
drown v
smother, suffocate v
surface [of water body or in general] n
bed of sea/river n
dune [specifically wind-blown hill of sand] n
sail n
sextant (or whatever tool they use for navigation) n
be watertight, be waterproof v
bay (beach) n
cove (beach) n
cross (+) (or how else a Klingon might mark a spot on a map) n
tide n
float [on/in a liquid] (verb
be submerged in, immersed in, surrounded by [a medium] vbe slippery v
dive v
chest (like pirates) n

coil v
yodel v
augment/enhance (v)
be related (generally, conceptually) v
correlate/associate/relate/match/pair up/map onto v
talk about/discuss/tell someone about (takes a subject) v
be cool (as in chic) v
be gentle v
adapt to, get used to, acclimatise (v)
glance (v)
be agile, dexterous (v)
be generous (v)
be appropriate (v)
“to slice, carve”, “a slice” (v)
slide (v)
be official, be in the canon v
forensic evidence v
waste, sacrifice (as someone sacrifices forces for a certain goal, or just wastes one’s resources) v
be in vain, be futile v
echo v
bounce, rebound, ricochet v
recoil v
crawl v
adhere, stick v
be stuck v
to be the only one (v.)
to feel (emotionally) v
be wide v
be narrow v
succeed (come after) v
exit/go out/come out v
trip/stumble v
cremate/cremation (if they do that) v
whistle v
crack (fissure), v
condescend, be condescending v
be ambitious v
restrain v
bind (a book) v
look out a window v
cross (as in a bridge crossing a river or two fingers crossing, a stationary sense) v
win against the odds (i.e. UMBC beating UVA in Terran March Madness 2018) v
defy v
slide v
slip v
squat (down) v
varnish v
dig v
drill, bore v
be compressed v
be haunted v
haunt v
be agile, be easy-to-maneuvre [of vessel] v
blink or flash (as in lighting up briefly or repeatedly) v
sparkle or glitter v
refund v
be indentured v
itch/be itchy v
lay (“the snow lay ten feet deep”) v
shall (expressing a strong assertion or intention) v

engineer vs. catcher (differentiation) n
coil n
elastic, spring n
plug n
socket n
grain, particle [as of sand or dust] (n)
irony n
police n
puppet n
lever n
fulcrum n
exponent n
cog/sprocket n
arrow n
tobacco n
politics n
existential crisis/angst n
office/cubicle n
“to slice, carve”, “a slice” (n)
yard n
echo n
bounce, rebound, ricochet n
recoil n
result, outcome, consequence n
space, room (n.) – the abstract concept
work n
bamboo or cane n
castle or fort n
vermiculture n
compost, (worm) casting n
terms for different bodyweight exercises n
archery n
bolt (for crossbow) n
crossbow n
pliers n
scapegoat n
trailer (pulled by truck) n
shovel n
link in a chain n
mine (explosive) n
instead (of)
rhythm/cycle (n)
motorcycle n
basis, foundation (underlying support for an idea, argument, or process) n
foundation (supporting understructure of a building) n
poster n
view, scene, scenery, sight, landscape n
plant (the living thing) n
tool/implement/instrument n
topic/subject/theme (of a conversation, story, presentation, etc.)
elevator, turbolift n
trip/stumble v
cremate/cremation (if they do that) n
crack (fissure), n
glasses, spectacles n
drawbridge n
suspension bridge n
slope n
up n
down n
mold (as in what grows in your walls) n
summer camp n
puzzle n
maze n
errand n
scout, lookout n
doll, action figure, miniature humanoid n
coin n
dig v
drill, bore v
drill n
drillbit n
be compressed v
basement n
attic n
furniture n
be haunted v
haunt v
fireplace n
sand n
basket (for carrying things) n
hobby n
treasure n
geyser n
debt n
puzzle, riddle, mystery, maze n
Borg n
B’Elanna (proper noun)
Gorkon (proper noun)

until adv.
whereas (expressing contrast) conj
barely adv.
already adv.
not anymore adv.
since (a point in time) adv.
shall (expressing a strong assertion or intention) v
should (used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions)
still/no longer (adv.)

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