qep'a' cha'maH javDIch

July 18-20, 2019, Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Klingon has been called the fastest growing language in the galaxy, and it certainly lived up to that description over the past year. Star Trek: Discovery brought consistently high quality spoken Klingon to the small screen. Duolingo's long-awaited Klingon course was finally released. Translations of The Little Prince and Sun Tzu's Art of War were published. The KLI's qep'a' had the largest attendance in its 25-year history. What new and exciting things are in store?

qep'a' cha'maH javDIch, the 26th Great Meeting of the Klingon Language Institute, returns to the same Indianapolis hotel that hosted us last year. Students from around the world, ranging from novice to expert, will gather to learn, practice, and speak the warrior's tongue. Come enjoy a weekend of immersive study, activities, song, and socializing. Meet friends both old and new who share a real passion for this unique language.

The schedule will include morning classes for those who have just begun their studies or who want to reinforce their knowledge of the basics. Games and exercises throughout the day will give students a chance to practice what they have learned and to take advantage of the presence of more advanced speakers. Informal late night games and discussions are customary. There will be continual opportunities to experience Klingon as a real, living language. Those who wish to test their skills and knowledge will be given the chance to demonstrate their abilities by taking certification tests (the Learn Klingon Online course is designed to prepare students to pass the first level of certification). The official conference activities will close with a Saturday night pizza party and cabaret. 

Make your plans now to join us in Indianapolis in July and take your tlhIngan Hol to the next level. Come along as we set a course for the next quarter century of Klingon as a living language. qo'mey poSmoH Hol! Language opens worlds!

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  • Marc Okrand
  • Lawrence Schoen
  • Chris Lipscombe
  • Alan Anderson
  • Jeremy Cowan
  • Michelle Peat
  • Carol Anderson
  • Jennifer Usellis
  • Jackson Bradley
  • Eric Andeen
  • Christopher Kidder-Mostrom
  • Jessie Oberreuter
  • Cathryn Smith
  • Terrie Reinoehl
  • Daniel Morse
  • Michael Stumpe
  • Juliana Bukoski
  • Robin Roper
  • William Garrison
  • Rhys Read
  • Jeremiah Rose
  • Joanne Bukoski
  • Richard Bukoski
  • Corey Anderson
  • Josh Haegele
  • Steven Byerly
  • James Davis
  • Solange Minstein
  • John Harness
  • Darcy Ross
  • Jennifer Ceja
  • Chris Lee
  • Everett Flores
  • Jim Snideman
  • Mark Shoulson
  • Ethan Shoulson
  • Isaac Shoulson
  • Michael Lubetsky
  • Rich Yampell
  • Agnieszka Solska
  • Perry Rittenhouse
  • Monika Ackerman
  • you?

Supporting Members:

  • Michael Blake
  • Mike Szot
  • Julius Craynock
  • Lord VamPyr
  • William Waples
  • Joshua Dresser
  • Mel Roney
  • Michael Myers
  • Jon Brown
  • Margie McDonnell Welsh
  • Who's next?

A note about costumes/uniforms: Costumes are welcome, but the meeting focuses on language. The majority of our members will not be wearing costumes and many are not concerned with the cosplay aspect of Klingon. However, we will likely have some attendees who dress in full armor for the day, or wear an honor sash the whole conference, or wear a ridged forehead to indicate that they are in their Klingon persona and will only speak Klingon. Saturday night you may see a bit more dressing up and costuming for the cabaret. The most common "uniform" for most of the meeting will, however, probably be jeans and a T-shirt.