Level I: Hol patlh taghwI', "Beginner:"

The beginner's test will consist of 20 questions from the following material. The grammar and vocabulary will come exclusively from TKD, and no other sources. For the vocabulary, there is a list of 500 common words from TKD, which all beginners should learn, and the questions in this section of the test will use vocabulary only from this list. See the appendix at the end of these guidelines for the beginner's vocabulary.




Syllable stressTKD 1.3, p. 17
Parts of speechTKD 2, p. 18
NS1 –'a' augmentativeTKD 3.3.1, p. 21
NS1 –Hom diminutiveTKD 3.3.1, p. 21
NS3 –qoq so-calledTKD 3.3.3, p. 24
NS3 –Hey apparentTKD 3.3.3, p. 24
NS3 –na' definiteTKD 3.3.3, p. 25
NS4 –wIj myTKD 3.3.4, p. 25
NS4 –wI' myTKD 3.3.4, p. 25
NS4 –lIj yourTKD 3.3.4, p. 25
NS4 –lI' yourTKD 3.3.4, p. 25
NS4 –maj ourTKD 3.3.4, p. 25
NS4 –ma' ourTKD 3.3.4, p. 25
NS4 –Daj his/her/its/theirTKD 3.3.4, p. 25
NS4 –vam thisTKD 3.3.4, p. 26
NS4 –vetlh thatTKD 3.3.4, p. 26
NS5 –Daq locativeTKD 3.3.5, p. 27-28
NS5 –vo' fromTKD 3.3.5, p. 28
NS5 –mo' due to, because ofTKD 3.3.5, p. 28
NS5 –'e' topicTKD 3.3.5, p. 29
Verb prefix jI-TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
Verb prefix bI-TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
Verb prefix ma-TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
Verb prefix qa-TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
Verb prefix vI-TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
Verb prefix cho-TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
Verb prefix mu-TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
Verb prefix Da-TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
Verb prefix (null)TKD 4.1.1, p. 32-34
VS1 –'egh selfTKD 4.2.1, p. 35
VS1 –chuq each otherTKD 4.2.1, p. 36
VS2 –nIS needTKD 4.2.2, p. 36
VS2 –rup readyTKD 4.2.2, p. 36
VS2 –qang willingTKD 4.2.2, p. 36
VS2 –beH readyTKD 4.2.2, p. 36-37
VS2 –vIp afraidTKD 4.2.2, p. 37
VS3 –choH changeTKD 4.2.3, p. 37
VS3 –qa' again/resumeTKD 4.2.3, p. 37-38
VS4 –moH causeTKD 4.2.4, p. 38
VS5 –laH abilityTKD 4.2.5, p. 39
VS6 –ba' obviouslyTKD 4.2.6, p. 175 (addendum)
VS6 –law' apparentlyTKD 4.2.6, p. 40
VS6 –bej certainlyTKD 4.2.6, p. 40
VS6 –chu' clearly/perfectlyTKD 4.2.6, p. 40
VS8 –neS honorificTKD 4.2.8, p. 43
VS9 –'a' interrogativeTKD 4.2.9, p. 44
Rover –be' negationTKD 4.3, p. 46
Rover –qu' emphaticTKD 4.3, p. 48-49
PronounsTKD 5.1, p. 51-52
ConjunctionsTKD 5.3, p. 55
ExclamationsTKD 5.5, p. 57
Question chay' howTKD 6.4, p. 68-70
Question ghorgh whenTKD 6.4, p. 68-70
Question 'ar how manyTKD 6.4, p. 68-70
Question qatlh whyTKD 6.4, p. 68-70

Sample Questions

1.InstructionsFill in the blank.
 QuestionHow many enemies do you see?
  jagh _____ Dalegh
2.InstructionsTranslate the following sentence:
 QuestionThis door is shut.
 AnswerSoQ lojmItvam
 QuestionIdentify the parts of speech in Klingon.
 AnswerNouns, verbs, and everything else.

Beginner's Vocabulary

The following 500 vocabulary items are from TKD. All questions in the Level I: Beginner's exam use vocabulary only from this list. Due to copyright restrictions, only the English translation is included here; please refer to TKD for the Klingon translation.

ability, (n)
accept, (v)
accompany, (v)
accomplish, (v)
accomplishment, (n)
ache, hurt, be sore, (v)
achieve, (v)
achievement, (n)
acquire, obtain, get, (v)
act, take action, (v)
add, (v)
additional one, other one, (n)
admit, (v)
advice, (n)
advise, (v)
afternoon, (n)
alien, foreigner, (n)
allow, permit, (v)
alter, change, (v)
analyze, (v)
animal, (n)
answer, reply, (v)
approach, go away from, proceed, come, follow (a course), (v)
area above, area overhead, (n)
area below, area under, (n)
area beside, area next to, (n)
area between, (n)
arm, (n)
arrive, (v)
ask, (v)
attack, (v)
attempt, try, (v)
bar, saloon, cocktail lounge, (n)
battle, (n)
be a problem, be a hassle, (v)
be absent, (v)
be accomplished, finished, (v)
be advanced, highly developed, (v)
be all gone, (v)
be alone, (v)
be angry, mad, (v)
be bad, (v)
be beautiful, handsome, (v)
be big, (v)
be black, (v)
be boring, (v)
be brave, (v)
be calm, (v)
be careful, (v)
be clean, (v)
be clever, smart, intelligent, (v)
be closed, shut, (v)
be clumsy, (v)
be cold, (v)
be confused, mixed up, (v)
be counterfeit, false, fake, (v)
be crazy, (v)
be dangerous, (v)
be depressed, (v)
be different, (v)
be difficult, (v)
be dirty, (v)
be dishonest, (v)
be drunk, intoxicated, (v)
be dry, (v)
be dull, uninteresting, (v)
be easy, (v)
be enough, sufficient, (v)
be essential, necessary, (v)
be excited, (v)
be expert, skilled, (v)
be famous, well known, (v)
be fat, (v)
be fat, (v)
be few, be several, be a handful, (v)
be final, last, (v)
be fortunate, lucky, (v)
be free, independent, (v)
be frozen, (v)
be funny, (v)
be good, (v)
be green, blue, yellow, (v)
be grouchy, mean, (v)
be happy, (v)
be hard (like a rock), (v)
be healthy, (v)
be heavy, (v)
be honored, (v)
be hot, (v)
be hungry, (v)
be identical, (v)
be impressive, (v)
be inferior, (v)
be interesting, (v)
be lazy, (v)
be light, bright, (v)
be many, (v)
be messy, sloppy, (v)
be nervous, uneasy, (v)
be new, (v)
be old (not new), (v)
be old (not young), (v)
be open, opened, (v)
be orange, red, (v)
be pleased, (v)
be present (not absent), (v)
be proud, (v)
be qualified, (v)
be quiet, (v)
be remote, far, (v)
be responsible, (v)
be right, correct, (v)
be rough, (v)
be sad, (v)
be satisfied, (v)
be serious, (v)
be sharp, (v)
be sick, ill, (v)
be simple, (v)
be small, (v)
be smooth, (v)
be sour, (v)
be special, exceptional, (v)
be strong, (v)
be stupid, (v)
be temporary, (v)
be the same, (v)
be thirsty, (v)
be tired, (v)
be together, (v)
be tough, (v)
be trivial, trifling, unimportant, (v)
be true, (v)
be useful, (v)
be varied, various, (v)
be weak, (v)
be weird, (v)
be wet, (v)
be white, (v)
be wrong, (v)
beam (aboard), (v)
become, (v)
believe, (v)
bend, (v)
betray, (v)
birthday, (n)
bite, (v)
blame, (v)
blood, (n)
board, go aboard, (v)
body, (n)
book, (n)
boot, (n)
borrow, (v)
boss, (n)
boy, (n)
break, (v)
breakfast, (n)
breathe, (v)
bring, (v)
brother, (n)
building, structure, (n)
burn, (v)
buy, purchase, (v)
calculate, (v)
calendar, (n)
captain, (n)
care (about), (v)
carry, convey, (v)
cause trouble, (v)
chair, (n)
charming (used only ironically), (excl)
chase, follow, (v)
cheat, (v)
cheek, (n)
chew, (v)
child, offspring, (n)
chocolate, (n)
choose, select, (v)
chronometer, (n)
city, (n)
climb, (v)
close in, get closer, come nearer, (v)
cloud, (n)
communicate, (v)
compete, (v)
computer, (n)
concentrate on, focus on, think only about, (v)
connect, (v)
conquer, (v)
contain (have inside), (v)
control, (v)
cook, (v)
country, countryside, (n)
coward, (n)
cry, (v)
danger, (n)
data, information, (n)
daughter, (n)
day, (n)
debate, (v)
decide, (v)
demand, require, (v)
deny, (v)
depart, (v)
depend on, rely on, (v)
describe, (v)
destroy, (v)
dictionary, (n)
die, (v)
dinner, (n)
disagree, (v)
disappear, vanish, (v)
discourage, (v)
discover, find, observe, notice, (v)
dislike, (v)
dock, (n)
dock, (v)
doctor, physician, (n)
done, (excl)
door, gate, (n)
doubt, (v)
dream, (v)
drink, (v)
drop, (v)
duty station, station, (n)
duty, quest, mission, task, chore, (n)
Earth, (n)
eat, (v)
enemy, (n)
enjoy, (v)
enter, go in, (v)
err, be mistaken, make a mistake, (v)
establish, set up, (v)
everyone, all, everything, (n)
expect, (v)
explain, (v)
face, (n)
fact, (n)
fall, (v)
family, (n)
father, (n)
feed (someone else), (v)
female, woman, (n)
fight, (v)
fill, (v)
finger, (n)
fire, (n)
fire (torpedo, rocket, missile), (v)
fix, repair, (v)
floor, (n)
follow (rules), (v)
food, (n)
fool, (n)
foot, (n)
forehead, (n)
forest, woods, (n)
forget, (v)
friend, (n)
garbage, (n)
gas, (n)
genius, (n)
gift, (n)
girl, (n)
give, (v)
glass (tumbler, mug, cup), (n)
glow, (v)
go, (v)
goal, (n)
good (expressing satisfaction), (excl)
grammar, (n)
grandfather, (n)
group, party, (n)
guard, (v)
gunner, (n)
hand, (n)
hate, detest, (v)
have a hangover, be hung over, (v)
have a headache, (v)
have, possess, (v)
he, she, him, her, (pro)
head, (n)
hear, (v)
helm, (n)
helmsman, (n)
help, aid, (v)
hide, cloak, (v)
history, (n)
home, (n)
honor, (n)
hope, (v)
hour, (n)
hunt, (v)
hurry, (v)
husband, (n)
I, me, (pro)
idea, (n)
identify, (v)
inhabitant, (n)
insult, (v)
intend, mean to, (v)
it, (pro)
jacket, coat, (n)
judge, estimate, (v)
keep something secret, (v)
keep, save, (v)
kill, (v)
Klingon, (n) (people)
knee, (n)
knife, dagger, (n)
know, (v)
label, (v)
lake, (n)
language, (n)
laugh, (v)
lead, guide, (v)
learn, (v)
leave, depart, (v)
leg, (n)
let's go, come on, (excl)
lie, fib, (v)
life, (n)
line, rope, (n)
listen, (v)
live, (v)
look for, seek, search for, (v)
loved one, one who is loved (n)
make peace, (v)
male, man, (n)
manuscript, (n)
meet (for the first time), (v)
meet, encounter, (v)
meeting, (n)
melt, (v)
mind, brain, (n)
minute (of time), (n)
month, (n)
moon, (n)
morning, (n)
mother, (n)
mouth, (n)
name, (n)
navigate, (v)
night, (n)
no, (excl)
no, I won't, I refuse, I disagree, (excl)
nonsense, (n)
nose, (n)
nostril, (n)
nothing, none, (n)
noun, (n)
oath, (n)
occur, happen, (v)
officer, (n)
opinion, (n)
opportunity, (n)
order, command, (v)
paper, (n)
pay attention, concentrate, (v)
pay for, (v)
peace, (n)
period of time, (n)
person (humanoid), (n) (ghot, nuv)
pet, (n)
phenomenon, event, occurrence, (n)
plan, (v)
planet, (n)
pleasure, (n)
practice, train, prepare, (v)
prefer, (v)
present, (v)
press down, (v)
prevent, block, prohibit, (v)
prisoner, (n)
prosper, be prosperous, (v)
protect, (v)
push, (v)
question, interrogate, (v)
rain, (v)
reach, (v)
read, (v)
ready, (excl)
realize, (v)
reason, (n)
receive, (v)
recognize, (v)
recommend, suggest, (v)
regret, (v)
remain, (v)
remember, (v)
remove, take off, (v)
resemble, (v)
respect, (v)
rest, relax, (v)
restaurant, (n)
return, (v)
revenge, (n)
roam, travel, rove, (v)
room, (n)
run, jog, (v)
salute, (v)
scare, (v)
science, (n)
scientist, (n)
scream, cry out, shout, yell, (v)
secret, (n)
see, (v)
sell, (v)
send, (v)
sentence, (n)
sergeant, (n)
serve (a master), (v)
shield, (n)
ship, vessel, (n)
shoe, (n)
shoot, (v)
shot, (n)
show, reveal, (v)
sir, (n)
sister, (n)
sit, (v)
skin, (n)
sky, (n)
sleep, (v)
slit, (v)
so, well, (excl)
soft, (v)
somebody, something, anybody, anything, (n)
somewhere, (n)
son, (n)
source, (n)
speak, say, (v)
stand, (v)
stop, cease, (v)
story, (n)
study, (v)
stuff, (v)
success, (n)
surprise, (v)
surrender, give up, (v)
sword, (n)
system, (n)
take, (v)
take away, (v)
tell the truth, (v)
tell, report, (v)
theory, (n)
there, over there, thereabouts, (n)
they, them, (pro) (language user)
they, them, (pro) (non-language user)
thing, (n)
think, (v)
throw away, (v)
today, (n)
tomorrow, (n)
translate, (v)
tree, (n)
tribble, (n)
trouble, (n)
trust, have faith in, (v)
turn, (v)
understand, (v)
use, (v)
verb, (n)
verify, (v)
victory, triumph, (n)
violate, (v)
violation, (n)
visit, (v)
vocabulary, (n)
voice, (n)
vow, swear, (v)
Vulcan, (n) (people)
wait (for), (v)
wake up, cease sleeping, (v)
walk, (v)
want, (v)
war, (n)
warrior, (n)
watch, (v)
water, (n)
we, us, (pro)
weapon, (n)
wear (clothes), (v)
week, (n)
well done, very good, (excl)
wife, (n)
wind, breeze, (n)
wing, (n)
wonder, (v)
word, (n)
work, function, succeed, (v)
work, toil, (v)
wound, (v)
write, (v)
year, (n)
yes, true, (excl)
yesterday, (n)
you, (pro)
you (plural), (pro)