cha' monmey – eBook



yay chavta' 'uleS Sa'. 'ach DebDaq juHDaj chegh Sargh lIghtaHvIS 'ej web SepDaj pa' 'e' tu'. SIbI' woQchaj tlhIn rachmeH 'uleS veS laHna', 'uleS pong quv je lo' luneH cha' ta'puqpu' vawqu'.

ghob SaHchu' 'uleS 'ach wIv Qatlh bam: quvDaj tlhIn choq'a' pagh voDleHvaD matlhchu"a'? QuS, 'urmang, qutluch je vI'laS jeD law' veS vI'laS jeD puS …

Victorious in battle, General Ulesh returns home ahorse to find his desert land in misrule. He is soon caught between two power-hungry princes seeking to capitalize on his military prowess as well as his honorable name.

Ulesh's integrity is tested when he must choose between what he believes to be right and absolute fealty to the throne. Even the fog of war cannot compare to the thick mists of conspiracy, treachery, and daggers …

Written by DeSDu', translator of the Wizard of Oz and a number of short stores, also available from the KLI.


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