qep'a' HutDIch

For the qep'a' HutDich, the KLI returned to Pennsylvania, holding the celebration in the luxurious facilities of the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. There were special beginner's classes for the first time, attended with much interest and enjoyment. We were visited by no fewer than three film crews, one of which actually followed the events of the qep'a' for an entire afternoon, with the reporter taking great pains to learn the correct pronunciation of several Klingon sentences. The warm weather provided the opportunity to hold a few qep'a' events at poolside (actually, most of the participants were on the inside side of the pool), between bouts of testing our fighting agility by trying to ride the much-feared inflated dolphin. We were again favored with the presence of Dr. Marc Okrand for some of the event.


Back Row, Left to Right:
Chandra Hartcourt, Nancy Nielsen-Brown, Robyn Stewart, Tad Stauffer, Michael Oetting, Eric Andeen, Peter Schweitzer, Will Martin, Bill Willmerdinger, Louise Whitty
Middle Row, Left to Right:
Roger Cheesbro, d'Armond Speers, Rich Yampell, Lawrence Schoen, Alan Anderson, Mark Shoulson, Diane Wamsley, Verine Cheesbro
Seated on floor, Left to Right:
John Fox (and Ebben Cheesbro), Corey Anderson, David Trimboli, Heather Myers