qep'a' cha'maH vaghDIch Canon

"instead of":

This is expressed idiomatically using the phrase 'e' qa' " it replaces…".


'awje' vItlhutlh; HIq vItlhutlh 'e' qa'
"I drink root beer instead of liquor"
(literally: "I drink root beer; it replaces that I drink liquor").

jIQam; jIba' 'e' qa'
"I stand rather than sit" or " I'll stand instead of sitting"
(literally: "I stand; it replaces that I sit").

In everyday speech, shortcuts are often taken:

'awje' vItlhutlh; HIq ('e') qa'
"I drink rootbeer instead of liquor"
(literally: "I drink root beer; it replaces liquor").

Or in response to the question HIq Datlhutlh DaneH'a'?, one might say simply 'awje'; HIq ('e') qa' " rootbeer instead of liquor" (literally: "root beer; it replaces liquor").

In the last two examples, the use of 'e' is optional. It's grammatically not needed, but because of the common use of the 'e' qa' construction, it's sometimes heard anyway.

New Words

'ach                         whereas (conj)
(expressing contrast. But there's also an idiomatic expression:  ro' mojchugh ghIt " if the flat hand becomes a fist". Used in a similar fashion to the English "on the other hand")

'an                           waste (v)
(as someone sacrifices forces for a certain goal or just wastes one's resources)

'anmoH                   sacrifice (v)

'atlhqam tun           a type of mold (n)
("soft fungus")

'ay                            float (v)
(in/on water or other liquids; for in space, see "be adrift" rIjHa')

'echletHom vey      deck of cards (n)

'eD                          crawl (v)

'et                           bounce, rebound, ricochet (v)
(the thing something bounces off of is marked with -vo')

'Ich                         be slippery (v)

'IqngIl                    coil, spring (n)

'IrmeD                    eddy (n)
(in air)

'olQan                     gap (n)
(like the space between your teeth or the area between rows of seats in a theater, but it (and 'olQanmey) can be used for the space in a room, space on a desk, etc. A verb commonly used with 'olQan is 'uch. This generally means "hold, grasp," but when the object is 'olQan it's often translated "occupy" or"take up.")

'oq                          sink (v)
(into water, etc)

'oqmoH                   submerge (v)

'otHel                      dock (n)
(any place a vessel is moored, even if there is no structure)

'ung                        squat (down) (v)

'unwat                    basket (n)
(weaved container for carrying things)

'uq                          whistle (v)
(if there's an object, it's the thing (song? birdcall?) being whistled)

bambu'                   bamboo (n)

ban                        be bruised (v)

banmoH                bruise (v)

bar                         blink, flash (v)
(as in lighting up briefly or repeatedly)

baylaD                    slice (n)
(the chunk cut off as the result of quH)

bel Qu'                    hobby (n)
(literally "pleasure task")

bIQ beb                  surface of water (n)
(literally "water roof")

bItlh                       adapt to, get used to, acclimatize to, conform to, become adjusted to (v)

bo'DIj nompuq      forensic evidence (n)
(literally "court evidence")

bo'ghey                   slope (of a mountain) (n)

chen'ong                 maze (n)

Daqav                     bay, inlet, cove (n)

DerlIq                     chest, crate, trunk (n)

DIy                         be stuck (v)
(like when you can't get a door open or a window open)

Do'ol                       sand (n)

Do'ol HuD              dune (n)
(literally "sand mountain")

Do'ol raS'IS           grain of sand (n)
(literally "sand seed")

Du'ran                        philtrum
(groove between upper lip and nose)

ghan                               glance at, take a quick look at (v)

ghan'Iq                   police force (n)

ghan'Iq yaS            police officer (n)

ghanroq                 basis/foundation (n)
(underlying support for an idea, argument, or process, depending on context, could also be meq or qolqoS)

gher'ID                   results, outcome, effect, repercussions, consequence, ramification (n)
("results" with the sense of " score, tally" is mIvwa'mey)

ghevjur                   shovel (n)

ghItwI'                    geyser (n)
(this is just "gusher, spouter"; if steam is emitted, say SeS     ghItwI')

ghon                        sparkle, glitter (v)

ghor'In                        Gorn (n)

Hampong                wound, sore (n)
(a wound or sore with at least some abrasion, not just a bruise)

HIr                         be stuck (v)
(like a stamp is stuck to an envelope or a spitwad is stuck on a      wall)

HIS                         be compressed (as in air) (v)

Ho'                         cog/sprocket teeth (n)

Ho' rutlh                 cog/sprocket wheel (n)

Huch ngop             coins (n)
(literally "money plates"; often, not always, followed by -Hom. )

Huch jengva'             coin (n)
(literally "money plate"; often, not always, followed by -Hom. )

janbI'                      slope (n)
(mathematical term)

jorchan                   view, scene, scenery, sight, landscape (n)

lang                         be narrow, be thin (v)

lujwI' mIr              losing streak (n)

lIQ                          be stuck (v)
(like when you can't solve an algebra problem or a crossword puzzle)

logh'ob                    chest (n)
(the upper front of the torso)

luS                           be submerged in, immersed in, surrounded by (v)

marQen                  eddy (n)
(in water)

me'cheD                  cross (+), ex (x) (n)

meq                        topic, subject, theme (n)
(of a conversation, story, etc; literally "reason, motive")

mInyoD                  eyelid (n)
(literally "eye shield" (used in Klingon Hamlet))

mIr                         streak (n)
(literally "chain")

mIt                         be appropriate, be suitable, be proper for the situation, circumstances (v)

mItlhon                  smaller sail (n)

molHa'                    dig up (v)
(like a bone or a fossil)

moqtay'                  bruise (n)
(a bruise you can see, but not an open wound;)

mor                        be agile, be dexterous (v)
(depending on context, could also be Soy'Ha')

naQjejHom            arrow (n)
(not really a Klingon gizmo)

nel                          match, pair up, map onto (v)
(like when fingerprints match)

neq                         intersect (v)

neqratlh                  glasses, spectacles (n)

ngajrun                   puzzle, riddle (n)
(this is a made-up puzzle or riddle)

ngam                      adhere, stick (v)
(with -moH, the object is the thing that's stuck to or adhering to something else, marked by -Daq)

ngat 'atlhqam         a type of mold (n)
("gunpowder fungus")

ngen                        be numb (v)
(of body parts; for emotions, use jemHa' or jemlaHbe')

ngItlh                      be stuck (v)
(like when your car is stuck in the snow or Santa is stuck in the chimney or a ring is stuck on your finger or a nail is stuck in a piece of wood and you can't pull it out)

pep'en                     current (n)
(in air or water)

pIlghIm                  mast, flagpole (n)

poymar                   mystery (n)
(a real "mystery", something that confounds people)

qaD mIr                  tournament (n)
(literally "challenge chain")

qappam                   foundation (n)
(supporting under-structure of building)

qengHoD                treasure, booty, plunder, swag, loot (n)
(context determines the best translation. If there's a lot of stuff,  the plural form qengHoDmey is often (but not necessarily) used. The resemblance to "Captain Kang" is coincidental, but, even so, Kang's crew was careful to never say qengHoDmey when he was around)

qerjIq                     fireplace (n)
(specific place in a house for heating/food preperation)

qey                         be in vain, futile (v)

qo'rob                     puppet (n)
(this is as in "puppet state" or "puppet government")

quH                        slice, carve (v)

quvHa'ghach mIr losing streak (n)

QapwI' mIr            winning streak (n)
(less common way to say it)

Qu'Hom                  errand (n)

raghghan                doll, action figure, miniature humanoid (n)

rapmar                    oar (n)

rarchuq                  be related (v)

(generally/conceptually, from rar "connect")

rarwI'                     plug (n)
(this is "connector"; an electric plug is 'ul rarwI')

rIj                           be moored, anchored (v)

rIjHa'                     be adrift (v)

Sat                          be stuck (v)
(like being stuck in a meeting or stuck in traffic (also, for some reason, it be would be for a cat stuck in a tree))

SIrgh raghghan     puppet (n)
(literally "string doll", the doll that is used in performances)

SIyech                     cane, reed (n)

SolDeS                    sail (n)

SommI'                   tool, implement, instrument (n)

SubmaH                 fraction, ratio (n)
(can be used to mean "frequency" in such constructions as wanI' SubmaH "frequency, occurrence ratio" or yay SubmaH "victory ratio" or "frequency of victories")

tang                        trip, stumble (v)

toba'qo                    tobacco (n)
(this is just the Federation Standard word; Maltz has heard the phrase por pur "inhale leaf," which he assumes is shortened  from por tlhIch pur "inhale leaf smoke," but he has not idea what kind of por "leaf" it might be)

turwI'                      server (computer) (n)
(if clarity is needed, say De'wI' turwI' " computer server"; in context, turwI' alone is enough)

tut Duj                    lift, elevator (n)
("column vehicle"; this is the cab, not the whole system)

tutlh                               be official (v)
(this is slang for "official"; when asked Maltz said nothing about "canon")

tlham                      slide (v)

tlhan                       dig (v)
(the object is dirt or soil or a field or a road, for example, not "hole")

tlharwIl                  link in a chain (n)

tlhoS                       barely (adv)
("almost," used with a negative verb)

vaS                          be wide, broad"
(referring to side-to-side distance, not things like a "broad topic" or "wide range of opinion" or "eyes wide open")

var                          be stingy, miserly (v)

varHa'                     be generous (v)

vatlh                       coil (v)

vaw                         be ambitious, determined, motivated (v)
(not like an ambitious task)

vech                        cross (v)
(as in a bridge crossing a river, etc)

vergh                       dock, port (seaport, airport, spaceport) (n)
(with a structure to attach to, like a pier; expanded meaning)

vI'Ir                         tide (n)

vIl                            be cool (as in chic) (v)
(this is slang)

vIQ                         suffocate (v)
(does not take an object)

vIQmoH                 smother (v)
(for "drown" precede the verb with bIQDaq or the like)

voD                        drill, bore (v)

voDmeH jan           drill (n)
(a shortened version, voD jan, is often heard; this is the whole device, not the drill bit)

ya'rIS                      echo (n)
(for the verb, see "rebound" 'et)

yay mIr                   winning streak (n)
(common way to say it)

yul                          be itchy (v)