qep'a' cha'maH javDIch Canon

The following grammar information was released at qep'a' 26

Grammar Points and Clarifications


There are two ways to say "between", depending on meaning.

(1) "between A and B" means "at some (perhaps unknown) point between A and B". In this case, A and B are the extremes of a range. The construction makes use of rav "minimum" and 'aqroS "maximum": rav A 'aqroS B…  For example, rav cha' 'uj(mey) 'aqroS loS 'uj(mey) 'ab "has a length between two and four ujes" (it's at least two ujes long and no more than four).

(2) "between A and B" means the full stretch of time (or distance or whatever), from one end of the span to the other. In this case, the noun qubbID is used: DaSjaj buqjaj (je) qubbID maleng "we travel Monday to Friday" or "we travel between Monday and Friday". Compare: DaSjaj buqjaj (je) qubbID maghom "we meet between Monday and Friday, we meet Moday to Friday" and rav DaSjaj 'aqroS buqjaj maghom "we meet between Moday and Friday, we meet at some point between Monday and Friday".



wej loch cha' "2/3"; vagh loch wej "3/5"; loS loch jav "6/4". In theory, if appropriate in a mathematical discussion, one could say wa' loch wej "three one–ths". (Though perhaps a little grammatically aberrant, this would not be wa' luloch wej.))


Use Dop to create negative numbers. wej Dop "minus three" or "negative three". Compare this to 'u' Dop "mirror universe".


For random numbers, as when throwing dice, use the verb 'al "float" instead of Haw. mI' al' "(a) random number"; 'al mI' "the number is random".  There is also a slang expression Du'Hom mI' "random number" (literally "garden number").)


"Superimpose A and B" is A B je tIrmoHchu'. One way to say "superimpose A on(to) B" is B–Daq A lanchu'.

"many times" or "time and time again"

Use pIj "often". One way to express this if being emphatic is periphrastically: V 'ej V-qa' ('ej V-qa'…) (where V is the repeated action): qagh vISoppu' 'ej vISopqa'pu' 'ej vISopqa'pu' "I've eaten gagh many times."

"Order" or "Turn"

Use the words baQ ("toss bat'leth from one hand to the other") and jop ("lunge"). mabaQ "we take turns"; jIjop "it's my turn"; yIjop "take your turn!"; bIjopnIS "you need to take your turn".

Reference temperatures for the SImyon scale

    0 SImyon = -210°C Freezing Point of Nitrogen
  96 SImyon = -100°C
 100 SImyon = -95°C
 183 SImyon = 0°C    Freezing point of water
 200 SImyon = 19°C
 215 SImyon = 37°    Body temperature (human/Klingon)
 270 SImyon = 100°C Boiling point of water – Earth sea level
 273 SImyon = 103°C Boiling point of water – Qo'noS observatory
 300 SImyon = 134°C
 500 SImyon = 363°C
1000 SImyon = 937°C Temperature of molten lava

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