qep'a' cha'maH chorghDIch Canon

This page contains a list of newly translated words provided by Dr. Okrand and Maltz. 

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New Word List


Language Users and Body Part are both types of Noun. They are listed separately for the purposes of identifying the correct plural suffixes. 

tlhIngan HolTypeEnglishDescription/NotesOriginal Request
babtonGeneral Nounpepper (capsicum) Request
betVerbimpale Request
bIlemtanGeneral Nounwhim Request
bobDarGeneral NounsplashUse with tlhen "sound as, produce the sound of" (e.g., bobDar tlhen "(it) produces a splash sound"Request
boq Hol / boQ HolGeneral Nounpidgin, creole, contact languageThese terms used interchangeablyRequest
cheyISAnimalcephalopodAnother Klingon creature. It's definitely squid-like.Request
choSanGeneral NounKoreaSee Hanghuq. Both terms are used (Klingons are very confused by this)Request
choSomGeneral Nounquartz Request
DamSayrotlhAnimalhippopotamus, hippoclosest Klingon equivalentRequest
DangVerbfocus Make (an image) less blurryRequest
DayqIrGeneral Nounhoney Request
DI'Verbedit, revise, correct, modify Request
ghalmovGeneral Nouncompound (chemical) Request
ghom'oHGeneral Nounslot  
HanghuqGeneral NounKoreaSee choSan. Both terms are used (Klingons are very confused by this)Request
HaSreHGeneral Nounpattern, design pattern, markings, motif Request
HaStay'General NounpixelMaltz had a hunch this was shortened at some point from HaSta 'ay', but that may be a folk etymologyRequest
Hey'Verbcensor Request
HItlhVerbbe brittle Request
HuDngechGeneral Nounsine (curve)used to describes waves or curves and also in trigonometryRequest
jInbo'General NounbiasThere's also an idiom: ghu' neSRequest
jIqlemGeneral Nounstrap Request
jo'Verbzoom in onjo' is used for "zoom in on" (the object is the image). jo'Ha' is "zoom out" (applied to something that was previously zoomed in on). In context, Sach "expand, be amplified, be increased in scope" can be used for "be magnified."Request
jutngevGeneral Nounnectar Request
larveSGeneral Nounpus Request
lIS'abAnimalrodentThis animal is more rat-sized than mouse-sized, but a vIghro' might well chase it. Its face kind of resembles that of a bat (though a bat is not a rodent).Request
lotVerbscratch Request
lotreghGeneral NounanaemiaInformally, some people say 'Iw Doy'Request
lu'lapGeneral Nounbeep noiseUsed with tlhen e.g., lu'lap tlhen "(it) produces a beep noise"Request
lunglIHGeneral Nounturbine, propellerMaltz thought this word was based on a story in Klingon mythology about a loong, but he didn't recall the details. Some people also say cheqwI' "tornado-er."Request
majajGeneral Nouncabbage, lettuceclosest Klingon equivalent; closer to lettuce than to cabbage, but could be used for either Terran plantRequest
mangtayGeneral NounThailand Request
maqIyGeneral NounMaquis (Resistance) Request
mayvImGeneral Nounembryo Request
meQHamAdverbironically, counterintuitively, incongruously Request
mIHneSAnimalGrasshopperclosest thing; could also be used for locust or cricketRequest
mIjDangBody Partfin, flipper Request
mIllogh qolGeneral Nounanimation, cartoonThis refers to animation only, not cartoons in the newspaperRequest
morwI', morwI' ghewAnimalant(s), formicidaeclosest Klingon equivalent, based on what the bug looks like. The Klingon version is noted for its dexterity or agility (hence the name), not strength. But Klingons use this for the Terran ant anyway.Request
murVerbwince, cringe, flinch Request
muSghorawGeneral Nounvalve Request
mu'tlhegh meSGeneral Nounparagraph Request
namVerbmove counterclockwise Request
naptopGeneral Nouneclipse Request
neqjungGeneral Nouncontact, encounter, rendezvous,The noun counterpart to ghom. It would be used in phrases such as neqjung wa'DIch first contact. 
nevroDBody Parttentacle Request
nIwqenBody Partgill Request
nuj yajVerbread lipsUsed in a general way, one might say nujDu' vIyajlaH. When applied to a specific occurrence, one might say nujlIj vIyajlaH.Request
nu'QanGeneral Nounalcove Request
ngangVerbstraddle Request
ngeSlIchGeneral Nounloan  
ngeSlIch 'apGeneral Nouninterest Request
ngIrVerbknead, massage Request
ngovVerbslither, wriggle, squirm, writheSlither "like a snake"Request
ngurVerbbe autistic/aspie Request
paghurLanguage Userhermit, recluse Request
paSlogh tuQ DaSVerbbe inside-outMaltz thought there might be a single word for this, but he could only remember this commonly used idiom. In usage, this might be preceded by something like ghIH wep (or Soy' wep) "the shirt is sloppy/disheveled"Request
pIlIpIynaSGeneral Nounthe Philippines Request
pu'porgh 'oQqarGeneral Noungingersometimes 'oQqar is omittedRequest
qaq naHGeneral Nounwatermelonclosest Klingon equivalentRequest
qatvoHAnimalshellfish (clam, oyster, mussel, scallop, brachiopod…)There  are a number of these sorts of creatures. qatvoH applies to various bivalves. Large qatvoHmey are served in non-Klingon restaurants that feature Klingon food, but they usually just call this dish "Jumbo Klingon Mollusks."Request
qav'ap juHGeneral NounapartmentThis is for a house or an apartment of any size that is not owned by the occupant. For a dwelling within a larger building containing several such dwellings (regardless of ownership), it's common to just say pa'mey (or occasionally just pa').Request
qayrI'HomBody Partclavicle Request
qeSnoDmajAnimaljellyfishclosest Klingon equivalentRequest
QIbVerbfilter, strain, sieve, sift Request
QImHalBody Partovary Request
qInVerbmoan, groan Request
qotVerbback, sponsor, support, capitalize, invest inTo specify what or how much is invested, make use of peS as in X qotmeH Y peS ("invest Y in X")Request
qovDa'General NounexponentThough there is a noun, the idea of raising a number to the power of something is generally expressed by using the verb Sep, as in wejlogh Sep'egh cha'; chen chorgh.Request
qurmoQBody Partlarynx Request
quSDI'General Nounbatch Request
reD'eSGeneral NounbureaucracyThe slang expression pumnuj reD'eS is used if things are definitely inefficientRequest
rey'General Nouna special performance or presentation This is a noun that's kind of hard to define in a word or two, but it refers to a performance or presentation that's pretty special in some way. Maybe it's something that happens only once, not to be repeated. Or maybe it occurs regularly but not very often, so it's something looked forward to well in advance. Maybe it's something that features a special performer or performers 
reDyevGeneral Nounshortage Request
rISGeneral NounclickUsed with tlhen e.g., rIS tlhen "(it) produces a click sound"Request
rISVerbmake a clicking soundExpands the meaning of the verb rIS to including clicking along with cracking and snappingRequest
rober janGeneral Nounlathe Request
roDSonBody PartuvulaInformally, the term tlhepwI' is often usedRequest
romanI'ya'General NounRomania Request
rom'onGeneral Nounzinc Request
roSmaHBody PartchromosomeChromosomes are numbered (e.g. roSmaH wej); the two sex chromosomes are roSmaH pagh and roSmaH bID; two roSmaH bID chromosomes occur in females, one of each occur in males.Request
rubyo'Language Userpolitician Request
SenjorghGeneral NoungrenadeThere's also a slang term: ruqwI'Request
Setlhlo'General Nounarsenic Request
SIrVerbbe unique, be unprecedented Request
SIrgh 'aplomGeneral Nounbead Request
SolbISAnimalwhale, dolphin, porpoiseAny fishlike creature that has to come up to breathe airRequest
SornaghGeneral Nouncoma Request
SotlhqelGeneral NounyolkA slang term is QIm julHom or even just julHomRequest
SuqwIlGeneral NounhissThis is a noun referring to the sound (from an animal or otherwise). Used with tlhen e.g., SuqwIl tlhen "(it) produces a hiss sound"Request
taj HolGeneral Nounpropaganda Request
targhorojAnimalcrabOne of several crab-like animals found on Qo'noSRequest
tat taSGeneral Nounelectrolyte Request
(tera') raS'IS moQ naHGeneral NounpomegranateThis is the Klingon way to refer to the Terran fruitRequest
tIH javmaHGeneral NounX-rayRays are identified by numbers (gamma ray, for example, is tIH wej). Maltz didn't know where the specific numbers come from or what they might refer to.Request
toyDalGeneral NountacticThis is singularRequest
tlharghVerbexploreThis implies going somewhere and looking around. It can also be translated "scout" or "survey."Request
tlhawjoqGeneral Nounmantle (geology) Request
tlhenVerbsound as, produce the sound ofUse with sound nouns e.g., bobDar tlhen "(it) produces a splash sound" 
tlhu'roDGeneral NounmartyrThis refers to a person who not only died (or was killed) for a belief/cause, but who has become a symbol or emblem or rallying point of or for that belief/causeRequest
vIrveqGeneral Nounterrorism Request
vIyetnamGeneral NounVietnam Request
vo'nungGeneral NounPhaseThis is the "fraction of a wave cycle." It is not used for phases of the moon or phases of life, etc.Request
wu'Verbbe mystical, be esoteric, be occult Request
wu'tIbISGeneral Nounsuperstition Request
wuvchuqVerbbe entangled (quantum physics, but maybe more general)The subject of the verb could be, for example, pay'an "particle"Request
yayalGeneral Nounnickel (element) Request
yelmo'Body Partmembrane Request
yelneHSIQGeneral Nounvanadium Request
yelvewGeneral Nountexture Request
yoghanGeneral Nounrenaissance, revival Request
yorqejLanguage Usernomad Request
'aHra'General Nounharness Request
'alghuQGeneral Nounbastard, illegitimate child Request
'atrayGeneral Nounsiege Request
'ayIvlaSGeneral NounmossThis is the closest Klingon equivalent, and quite similar.Request
'ejyaHNumberinfinity Request
'ennoGeneral Nounlens Request
'Igh'aDmeghBody Partantibodyplural is formed with -meyRequest
'InyamGeneral Nounego, the self Request
'IngVerbmove clockwise Request
'orghVerbskitter like a startled lizard or bugRequest
'ul ghom'oHGeneral Nounelectrical outlet Request
'umyotlhGeneral Nounprofitthis is strictly in the monetary sense, not general advantage or benefitRequest