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Re: to' nech, 020: {ram tIghoSlI'.}

tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Sun Apr 14 16:33:51 2002

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Re: to' nech, 020: {ram tIghoSlI'.}

At 10:08 2002-04-14 -0500, Alan Anderson wrote:
>mu'tlheghHommey QIp tIlon.

Thanks for the ignorant abuse, Aloy!  I'll put that in my Oprah "hope journal"!

If you don't like my To'nech posts, STOP READING THEM.  Otherwise we'll 
just assume you're too thick to work your Delete key -- or alternately, 
that you have nothing better to do than bitch and moan just for the sake of it.

Enough people have reacted favorably to my posts that I'm not going to 
stop.  And note that the posts are not long, nor will they last forever.

Sean M. Burke

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