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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

At 14:20 02-10-27 -0800, lab Gina:

>Some of these I'm a little unsure of, but I think most of them are right.

They're *all* right.  People who are just reading along and not practising 
for themselves probably can't keep up with you.  *I'm* having trouble 
keeping up with you.  No typos, no words looked up wrong, just great work.

I also got a little carried away and started doing Quvar's job.  Quvar is 
the Beginner's Grammarian and he is the designated person who answers 
beginners' questions.  (I used to have his job). I like doing this, and I 
have his permission to assign and correct these sentences, but I want you 
and any other beginners reading this to know that questions that you would 
like him to help with should be marked with the letters KLBC in the subject 

Meanwhile, here are some more sentences for you.  These ones require you to 
read section 4.1.1 in TKD first, and learn all about prefixes.  Do NOT just 
look up the words for "I" and "you" and "we."  They aren't needed, and the 
result would be wrong.  This is not easy stuff, but you're doing everything 
else so fast, I figured I'd give you a real challenge.

I sleep.
You see me.
Romulans attack us.
We kill Romulans.
You sing.
They like me.

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