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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

> I recommend that for the first step, you give the computer a small
> of nouns and verbs, and teach it to translate sentences of the form:
> The prisoner eats.
Okay, in this one I think eats would be the verb and prisoner would be the
subject and there is no object:
Sop qama' ( not sure about how this is done )

> The officer kills the prisoner.
This one kills is the verb, the person being killed is the prisoner, so that
is the subject and the officer would be the object???
 yaS HoH qama'

> The woman sees the man.
In this one sees would be the verb, man would be the subject and woman would
be the object...or is the woman the subject because she is doing the seeing?
I'm not sure about this one...
be' legh loD or is it loD leghbe'

> The man runs.
Man would be the object and runs would be the verb.

> A prisoner drinks water.
uummm.  drinks is the verb, prisoner is the subject because it is doing the
drinking and water is the object????
I'm not sure about this one.
bIQ tlhutlh qama'

> A woman drinks liquor.
Same with this, I'm not sure, but I think Liquor is the object, drinks is
the verb and woman is the subject.
be' tlhutlh HIq

> Try translating them yourself.
I'm not sure any of these are right so anyone who can help me understand why
they are wrong, please do.

Thanks in advance

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