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RE: Learning Project (hopefully)

Gina vIHoy'qu'
DaH nom ghojbej 'ach 'e'mo' vIHoy'be'
vIHoy'bej SuvwI' rurchu'mo' ghojtaHvIS
tIqDaj nu'ang 'ej 'Iw bIQtIqDaq jaH
ghojtaHvIS rut Qatlh mIw 'ach yajmeH SuvtaH
lujlaw'taHDI' jeghbe' 'ej mejbe'
jangmey Sovbejbe' 'ach DaqDaq leghbogh Hoch Hol yajmeH Suvqang
Hol ghojnISbejtaH 'ach SuvwI' tIgh nughojmoHlaH

I congratulate Gina!  She is definitely learning quickly now, but that
is not why I congratulate her.  I congratulate her because she clearly
learns like a warrior.  She shows us her heart and travels the river of
blood.  Learning is sometimes difficult, but she continues to fight for
understanding.  When she appears to be losing, she does not surrender
and does not flee.  She does not know the answers for certain, yet she
is willing to fight for understanding where all can see it.  She surely
needs to learn more of the language, but she could teach us how to be


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