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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

> majQa'!  vIparHa'qu'.  Great!  I *like* them.  I have a big smile on my
> face because last week you were writing gibberish and now you wrote those
> unassisted.
Now it's starting to make some sense to me and its not confusing.  I do
thank you for all the help you are giving me.
> So, for you to practise:
> noses

> computers

> toes

> men

> rings
Qebmey???  not sure about this one
> The boys eat the dishes.
The dishes are eaten by the boys
nay'may Sop  loDHompu'.

> The guards will kill the prisoners.
uummm...The prisoners will be killed by the guards.
qama'pu' HoH 'avwI'pu'.

> Luckily, the Vulcans helped the colonies.
The colonies were helped by the Vulcans.
Do' mIDmey QaH vulqanganpu'.

> Cockroaches eat feet slowly.
Slowly, feet are eaten by cockroaches.
QIt qamDu' Sop vetlh.
> HIchDalmey poSmoH ghoqwI'pu'.
The spies open airlocks.

> DaH mu'mey yaj ghojwI'.
The student now understands words.
Some of these I'm a little unsure of, but I think most of them are right.

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