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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

At 13:05 02-10-24 -0500, lab Voragh:
>Gina wrote:
>>I'm not sure any of these are right so anyone who can help me understand why
>>they are wrong, please do.
>Since you didn't flag the Subject line with "KLBC" for the attention of 
>the Beginning Grammarian, I'll comment.

Thanks, Voragh.

Gina, you're going to learn as much about English as you will learn about 
Klingon in this project.

As Voragh said, the subject is always the one that DOES the action, and the 
object is the one the action is done TO.

It wasn't a bad effort. You got the verb right every time, and you're 
starting to figure out subject and object.  You also didn't make any typos 
with the capital letters.  Your care is appreciated.

Here are some more like those first ones, so you can check if you 
understand these now, and try for 100%.

The child steals chocolate.
The grandmother sabotages the engine.
A student reads.
The scientist wants a knife.
The Romulan sees the Vulcan.
The Ferengi dislikes the Romulan.
The mother walks.

And try translating these into English:

Hegh Sa'
De' lIj ghojwI'
SoS qaw puq

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