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RE: Learning Project (hopefully)

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From: Quvar valer [] 
>>mughchu' 'e' Sovbejbe' ...
>This means that "she does not know for sure that
>she translates perfectly". So she translates
>perfectly, but she doesn't know it yet. Is that
>what you wanna say? I don't think so.

Close enough.  In the original post, my goal was to communicate ... and
I think what I corrected myself to *was* able to communicate the
sentiment I wanted, if not the exact idea.  I was hoping that people
would pick up that her uncertainty of knowledge would carry with it an
uncertainty of perfection and I am glad others said there is a faint
hint of it there.   I did consider putting (chaq) before (mughchu').  I
first wrote it as such.  Then I removed it.  Then I replaced it.  Then
removed it again.  I went for economy rather than adding complication
that I didn't feel really clarified the matter much.  I appreciate your
comments, Quvar, but feel that I am satisfied with what I said.


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