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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

At 22:49 02-10-26 -0700,  lab Gina:

Gina, those were all perfect.  majQa'!

Now I have to give you something harder.  Lets start with adverbials.  An 
adverbial tells you HOW something is done.  You can read about them in 
section 5.4. There is a list of Klingon adverbials on p. 56 of TKD, and a 
few more on p.177.  In Klingon, most adverbials go BEFORE the 
object-verb-subject part of the sentence.

The woman walks = yIt be'.
The woman walks slowly = QIt yIt be'.

Translate into Klingon:
The officer forcefully kicks the prisoner.
A child never dislikes chocolate.
The man always eats breakfast.
Soon the people will kill the emperor.  (nothing special is required for 
"will kill" - it's the same as "kill")

Translate into English
rut wanI' qaw loD.
pay' Dej qach.
loQ puq ghIj qul.

Make up two Klingon sentences of your own, using adverbials.

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