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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

At 12:08 02-10-27 -0800, lab Gina:

majQa'.  DaH bIghojbej.

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> > Translate into Klingon:
> > The officer forcefully kicks the prisoner.
>The prisoner is kicked by the officer forcefully, forcefully goes at the
>beginning, kicked is the verb, officer is the subject and prisoner is the
>object.  I'm not sure if there is anything else I have to do with the word
>force to make it forcefully.
>raD qama' pup yaS.

raD is actually a verb meaning "force, compel".  The word you need is 
pe'vIl, from TKD p. 177.

> > A child never dislikes chocolate.
>never is chocolate disliked by a child.
>never goes at the beginning, disliked is the verb chocolate is the object
>and child is the subject
>not yuch par puq.

Excellent.  majQa'.

> > The man always eats breakfast.
>Always breakfast is eaten by the man.
>Always goes at the beginning, eaten is the verb, object is breakfast and the
>subject is man.
>reH nIQ Sop loD.

Absolutely correct.  qarchu'.

> > Soon the people will kill the emperor.  (nothing special > is required for
>"will kill" - it's the same as "kill")
>Soon the emperor will be killed by the people.
>Soon goes first, killed is the verb, the object is the emperor and the
>subject is the people.  I couldn't find people, so i used person.  I dont
>know how to make it plural and I dont think that's right.
>tugh ta' HoH ghot.

Oops, I shouldn't have given you that one as plural.  You have done it 
correctly for "the person will kill the emperor."

> > Translate into English
> > rut wanI' qaw loD.
>Men sometimes remember events.

Yep.  It could also be "the man sometimes remembers the event."

> > pay' Dej qach.
>The building suddenly collapsed.


> > loQ puq ghIj qul.
>The research scared the child slightly. ??  not sure if this one is right.

Qul and qul are different words in Klingon.  qul means fire.  So "the fire 
scared the child a little bit".

> > Make up two Klingon sentences of your own, using adverbials.
>The soldier suddenly attacked his commander.
>pay' la' HIv mang.
>The boy almost forgot his coat.
>tlhoS wep lIj loDHom.

majQa'!  vIparHa'qu'.  Great!  I *like* them.  I have a big smile on my 
face because last week you were writing gibberish and now you wrote those 

I think I will now tell you how to make plurals in Klingon.  Please read 
all about it in section 3.3.2 of TKD, but here is a summary.

There are three kinds of plurals: people, body parts, and things.

For people (any kind of being that uses language) you add -pu' to the end 
of the word.
Romulan - romuluSngan
Romulans - romuluSnganpu'

woman - be'
women - be'pu'

For body parts (parts of people or animals, and occasionally things that 
are like body parts), you add -Du'.
tooth - Ho'
teeth - Ho'Du'

arm - DeS
arms - DeSDu'

For most other things you add -mey.

chair - quS
chairs - quSmey

window - Qorwagh
windows - Qorwaghmey

Some words have special plurals.  You just have to memorize them. You can 
find them in the vocabulary list of TKD.

mang - soldier
negh - soldiers

DoS - target
ray' - targets

So, for you to practise:


The boys eat the dishes.
The guards will kill the prisoners.
Luckily, the Vulcans helped the colonies.
Cockroaches eat feet slowly.

HIchDalmey poSmoH ghoqwI'pu'.
DaH mu'mey yaj ghojwI'.

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