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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

At 15:40 02-10-23 -0700, you wrote:
>OK, I'm not going to give up on learning tlhIngan yet.  Actually while I 
>was sitting in class working on java structures I thought what better way 
>than to learn in the way I know.  Hands on.  Here's what i'm going to 
>attempt.  As I am a programmer, I figure, if I'm going to learn this, I 
>might as well work on something useful to me and perhaps someone else in 
>the future.  I know that there is already one Klingon program out on the 
>market but as I can't afford to spend money I don't have I figured I might 
>as well make my own program.  I will probably need a lot of help with the 
>grammer to begin with, but as I work on it, I should finally be able to 
>get every figured out.  Well, hopefully this will work, who knows.

It's a good project, given that you acknowledge its purpose is to learn, 
and not to produce a program.  Its strength is that it will force you to 
understand the mechanics of Klingon, but its weakness is that it will take 
away from you the repetition that helps you to memorize the structures and 

I recommend that for the first step, you give the computer a small database 
of nouns and verbs, and teach it to translate sentences of the form:

The prisoner eats.
The officer kills the prisoner.
The woman sees the man.
The man runs.
A prisoner drinks water.
A woman drinks liquor.

Try translating them yourself.

Oh, and as far as I know, neither pojwI' nor mu' HaqwI' is shareware.  I 
think they are both free programs.

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