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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>ja' tulwI':
>>>>meQtaghbogh qachDaq: locative
>>>>/-Daq/ wrapps the noun-phrase /meQtaghbogh qach/.
>>>But can that interpretation account for the {'u' SepmeyDaq Sovbe'lu'bogh}
>>>"to the unknown regions of the universe" in {...'u' SepmeyDaq Sovbe'lu'bogh
>>>lenglu'meH He ghoSlu'bogh retlhDaq 'oHtaH...} from Skybox 99?
>>i think it's wrapping also here.
>vaj qechlIj vIyajbe'ba' "wrap" Dalo'DI'.  'ej jISaHbe'choH.
>Then I obviously do not know what you mean by "wrap".
>-- ghunchu'wI'

qay'be'. chaq ram DochmeyvaD mapongDI'.
no problem. maybe it's not important when we give names for things.

i wanted to express that /-Daq/ "wrapps", "takes" or "dominates" the 
whole /'u' Sepmey Sovbe'lu'bogh/ and "returns", "gives" or produces a 

'ach ram Dochmeyvetlh. latlh Duchmey'e' majatlhjaj.


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