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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

From: "Stephan Schneider" <>

> >toghmeH  jav Hol'e'  Ebben wIghojmoH.  'ach toghmeH neH; jav Hol
> how can you add /jav Hol'e'/ without claiming that it's the object of
> /ghojmeH/? this is a focus-object-verb sentence. i didn't know this
> was possible.

jav Hol'e' *Ebben* wIghojmoH.
"Regarding six languages, we teach Ebben."

/jav Hol'e'/ is the topic of the sentence.  We have a little verification of
this kind of usage from Star Trek V:

qIbDaq SuvwI''e' SoH Dun law' Hoch Dun puS.
You would be the greatest warrior in the galaxy.
"In the galaxy, regarding warriors, you are the most wonderful of all."

Stardate 2614.7

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