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RE: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>  > neither do i think that "DaHjaj" in the sentence /rIn DaHjaj/ is a
>>  time-stamp. it's just a noun. the subject isn't marked, as usual. i
>>  say that /wa'leS/ in /wa'leS rIn DaHjaj/ isn't marked, although it is
>>  a time-stamp.
>-Daq and -'e' can be in the header or in the body, and some locatives
>(naDev) don't have -Daq, and time-stamps don't have any added affixes... The
>rule that determines what word is what is it's location because klingon has
>strict word placement.

yes, i forgot that something similar occurs also with locative nouns 
like /naDev/ (i remember that this, long time ago, was part of this 
but there's just no problem. /naDev/ is a locative noun by nature. that's all.

>Instead of creating some rule to explain what the case is of a particular
>word, you just look at it's placement.

this is absolutely sufficient in order to understand what's a 
subject, object or header. but, for example, in order to understand 
the difference between the header nouns /batlh/, /naDev/, /DaHjaj/ 
you have to say "cases", or "X".


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