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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

ja' SuStel:
>...A locative noun, for instance, is
>usually a header, rarely an object, and virtually never a subject (we've
>never seen one as a subject).

We've definitely seen {-Daq} used on a subject.

TKW page 111:
  Only a fool fights in a burning house.
  meQtaHbogh qachDaq Suv qoH neH.

I haven't decided how to treat it.  Does it mean the subject of the
relative clause is a locative?  Does it just mean the locative of the main
clause is the subject of the relative clause, regardless of the syntactic
marker on the subject itself?

<voice="Yul Brynner">Is a puzzlement.</voice>

-- ghunchu'wI'

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