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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

majQa' Gina!  qarchu' Hoch.
chomer!  choghIj. SIbI' bIjang 'ej qech Dayajchu'.  chu'wI'na' SoH'a' jay'?

Did I mention in my previous e-mail that prefixes are one of the hardest 
parts of Klingon, and if you can get those, you should be able to get 
everything?  You can obviously learn just by reading TKD, so I'm going to 
set you loose to do that.  I recommend you start by reading Chapter 3, 
about Nouns, and then try out what you've learned by composing some KLBC 
sentences for Quvar to comment on.

If you want more practice sentences, feel free to e-mail me, but I'm 
getting busy in my non-Klingon life and can't keep up with how fast you're 

When you've gone through all of TKD, try these:

When I first met Gina she could not speak Klingon at all.
I helped her slightly and suddenly she became able to construct beautiful 
This very clever so-called "beginner" makes me very happy.
She demonstrates that if you work hard you can frighten Qov.

If you get those in less than a week, I'm going to drag you to the next qep'a'.

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