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how do you unsubribe from this list?

--- Qov <> wrote:
> Qu'vatlh!!
> majQa' Gina!  qarchu' Hoch.
> chomer!  choghIj. SIbI' bIjang 'ej qech Dayajchu'. 
> chu'wI'na' SoH'a' jay'?
> Did I mention in my previous e-mail that prefixes
> are one of the hardest 
> parts of Klingon, and if you can get those, you
> should be able to get 
> everything?  You can obviously learn just by reading
> TKD, so I'm going to 
> set you loose to do that.  I recommend you start by
> reading Chapter 3, 
> about Nouns, and then try out what you've learned by
> composing some KLBC 
> sentences for Quvar to comment on.
> If you want more practice sentences, feel free to
> e-mail me, but I'm 
> getting busy in my non-Klingon life and can't keep
> up with how fast you're 
> learning.
> When you've gone through all of TKD, try these:
> When I first met Gina she could not speak Klingon at
> all.
> I helped her slightly and suddenly she became able
> to construct beautiful 
> sentences.
> This very clever so-called "beginner" makes me very
> happy.
> She demonstrates that if you work hard you can
> frighten Qov.
> If you get those in less than a week, I'm going to
> drag you to the next qep'a'.

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