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Re: Do Klingons whisper?

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From: "David Trimboli" <>

> From: "qe'San (temp ADSL email)" <>
> > > I don't see that one is necessarily better than the other.  yIlo'
> > > DamaSchugh.
> >
> > Sorry I hadn't meant it as an attack I just thought that "conceiving
> > thoughts," was different than just "thinking".. But thankyou for
> confirming
> > that the word use was ok and just a matter of preference.
> ?
> What attack?

With the nature of emails generally and the personal attacks on the list
recently I thought that you had concidered my return an attack against your
suggestion... I really didn't want to offend anyone, especially someone who
has been helping me greatly, so I aired on the side of safety and jumped in
with an appology when it wasn't required... I've also been told before that
being British I appolgise too often. What can I say? :-)

> You asked a specific question: was /gher/ better than /Qub/.
> I responded with my opinion.  jIQeHbe' jIH; jImIS neH.

Thank you again

> SuStel


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