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Re: Do Klingons whisper?

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From: "Peter Schweitzer" <>

> Considering with what forcefulness I at least need in order
> to pronounce some of the sounds of Klingon, I started think
> about if it was possible to whisper Klingon.  As I am a new
> speaker of Klingon I am unable to do this.
> So for the more experienced speakers, are you able to
> whisper in Klingon so that your listener can still understand
> what you are saying?

Once the sounds become easy and the combining of sounds easier you'll find
that it is not a problem to start lowering your output to a whisper.. And
still be a forceful language and understandable...

Half the problem with spoken Hol is having the courage to say it allowed..
Klingons are forceful in nature and forceful in speach.  Don't hold back and
let it flow.

Something I found harder than this, was actually learning to think the
tlhIngan Hol actually hearing the sounds in my head..  Once I mastered that
the spoken word became a great deal easier.... I no longer have much of a
problem with this aspect I just wish I could learn the words.

"What the mind can conceive and believ the mind can achieve"

My attempt to translate this infamous positive mental attitude saying is

yabDaq nuq gherlaHlu' 'ej nuq HarlaHlu' 'e' chavlaHlu'

> Peter



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