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Re: Do Klingons whisper?

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From: "David Trimboli" <>

> I really don't want to drag the Question As Object debate out again, but

That was not my intention.. I will look through my archives

> look at what you're doing in that sentence.  You're not REALLY asking the
> question "what?", you're trying to say "THAT WHICH one compiles" etc.
> Notice how I did that with /-bogh/ in my version of the sentence.  That's
> what /-bogh/ is for, and it's not what /nuq/ is for.  /nuq/ is an
> interrogative pronoun, not a relative pronoun.

Thankyou... I argued with you for all of about 10 secs before I realised How
right you were.

> > > And also notice that you used /-laH/ and /-lu'/ together, which is a
> no-no
> > > (they're both Type 5), and you used /'e' Xlu'/, which is also wrong
> > (that's
> > > what /net/ is for).
> >
> > DopDaq  qul  yIchenmoH  QobDI’  ghu’
> >
> > nomHa' jIruchnIS SuvwI'vam
> nuqjatlh?

I assume that was in reference to the second sentence which I was obviously
trying to be too clever with and failed miserably...

I'd started with the thought, " This warrior must slow down", referring to
being too quick to answer, which during translation I turned to "This
warrior needs to proceed unquickly" or "Unquickly 'this warrior' needs to

"This warrior" being "I".  Rather than use "QIt - slowly" I thought
that -Ha' was the one suffix allowed on adverbials and that it was more
appropriate to translate the idea as "un-quickly"  hence, [nomHa']

> > > Dochmey'e' QublaHbogh yab 'ej HarlaHbogh chavlaH yab.
To show I understand, I hope,
"The things which the mind can think of and which it can believe, the mind
can achieve"

Question: Does Qub  best fit the meaning  of concieve?.. I thought it was
better fitting of gher - formulate, compile, pull together (thoughts) .

Dochmey'e' gherlaHbogh yab 'ej HarlaHbogh chavlaH yab

> SuStel


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