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Re: Do Klingons whisper?

Peter wrote:
>Considering with what forcefulness I at least need in order to pronounce 
>some of the sounds of Klingon, I started think about if it was possible to 
>whisper Klingon.  As I am a new speaker of Klingon I am unable to do this.
>So for the more experienced speakers, are you able to whisper in Klingon 
>so that your listener can still understand what you are saying?

I'll let the experienced speakers deal with the mechanics, but the answer 
is surely yes.  After all, there's the verb {tlhup} "whisper" in TKD 
<g>.  (You may not have been able to find it as it's listed in the 
Klingon-to-English side only.)

The female Klingon in the pro-novel SAREK addresses her human boyfriend, 
Peter Kirk (James T.'s nephew):

   "Don't stop! HIja'!" she whispered, between kisses. "MevQo', Pityr..."

(Yeah, I know.  It's not from Okrand directly, though he did advise author 
Crispin on her Klingon.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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