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Re: Do Klingons whisper?

From: "qe'San (temp ADSL email)" <>
> > > yabDaq nuq gherlaHlu' 'ej nuq HarlaHlu' 'e' chavlaHlu'
> >
> > Question as object!!!!  AAHHHHH!!!!!  :)
>  re nuq:      jImIStaH
> Looking in TKD pg69:
>         In the second case, the object is being questioned,
>         so the question word goes in the object position,
>         before the verb.   Similarly with nuq what?
> and then an example:
>         nuq legh yaS - What does the officer see?
> Obviously that doesn't mean that I've used nuq in the right place but I
> thought if the object was being replaced by "what?" then that's where nuq
> went.

I really don't want to drag the Question As Object debate out again, but
look at what you're doing in that sentence.  You're not REALLY asking the
question "what?", you're trying to say "THAT WHICH one compiles" etc.
Notice how I did that with /-bogh/ in my version of the sentence.  That's
what /-bogh/ is for, and it's not what /nuq/ is for.  /nuq/ is an
interrogative pronoun, not a relative pronoun.

> > And also notice that you used /-laH/ and /-lu'/ together, which is a
> > (they're both Type 5), and you used /'e' Xlu'/, which is also wrong
> (that's
> > what /net/ is for).
> DopDaq  qul  yIchenmoH  QobDI’  ghu’
> nomHa' jIruchnIS SuvwI'vam


> > Dochmey'e' QublaHbogh yab 'ej HarlaHbogh chavlaH yab.

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