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Re: pe'vIl and ST6

>taD reports:
>>Speaking of such tidbits of insight into the language, at Farpoint 1.5 weeks
>>ago, Marc Okrand mentioned the "origin" of the word {pe'vIl}. He said that
>>he made the word what it is because of twins he knew, Pat & Phil, whose
>>names he incorporated into this word.

ja' Voragh:
>I take it the twins were quite a handful, qar'a'? <g>

Actually, no.  The word's meaning was irrelevant.  He said he just wanted
to use their names for something.

>That must have been when he was working on the ST6 script, which contains
>the line:  "We can take whole by force, what they propose to
>divide."  Unfortunately the actor's (playing Grokh, one of Azetbur's
>traitorous generals) pronunciation was so bad, no one I know has ever been
>able to decipher the Klingon.

Yes, that did get mentioned briefly. :-/

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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